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Hello and welcome to Plasma Wizard’s Online Store 🙂 Below you will find a list of categories we offer plus the ability to just simply browse our products. Currently, we have 3 categories and hope to add and enhance them soon. Artwork – This where you will find the fancy stuff. I have selected pieces created or designed by my friends. Some are one-offs and some are limited production run. Commercial – Under here you will find commercial items such as brackets, flanges and simple flat plasma cut items. Simply put these are not the most exciting of items but if you need a flat plate or a bracket for a handrail it might be right up your street. House Names and Number – I really do not think I need to explain this further 🙂 It is just a collection of house names and numbers we offer as a standard selection. But you might want something special, read below.

In any case, before placing an order or to find out more about our available finishes, fixing or mounting hole options and how I can personalise my sign or design, please take a look at our FAQ’s page.

Looking for something special? Ask about custom design service.

I want something special – That is not a problem, why drop us a line and attached images or a design you are after. Or maybe you have the design ready to cut. Our CNC Plasma cutter can cope with various file formats such as DXF 2D, AI, SVG – Inkscape, PNG Hi-Res, Solidworks 2016 or raw G-Code. Also, you will need to send a dimensioned drawing so that we can confirm sizes prior to costing and cutting. We would hate to deliver something that should have been in inches, not millimetres. Please send your visions and ideas to – Thanks!

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