The Magazine Rack Fire Pit | DXF Files for Plasma Cutting

35,00 Exc. IVA

A uniquely designed fire pit made from 3mm cold rolled mild steel. The price is for a set of files (Zipped download) including DXF, Solidworks, Inkscape, eMachineShop, SheetCAM that were used in the CNC Plasma Cutting process of this fire pit shown – Basically all my workings. Approximate finished dimensions 505x500x375mm and weight 13.5 Kilo.


The Magazine Rack Fire Pit | Please note that these DXF Files are for personal use. If you wish to cut and sell this Fire Pit then please contact me.

Additional items required – 8x 8mm Dia. Linch Pins. This is a Linch Pin – Cool!!


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