The GRAND | Fire Pit Stove

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Welcome to PlasmaWizard.eu and have we got a treat for you. This is The GRAND | Fire Pit Stove and truly is a work of art and cooking sensation. It is 453mm high and 1270mm in diameter and without stand weighs in at 77 kilos. We are offering in two ways – Firstly you can simply pay and download a complete set of DXF files including images, SheetCAM files and Mach3 TAP Files. Then build it at your leisure. Alternatively, you could choose to order a completely built, assembled and ready to cook.

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The GRAND | Fire Pit Stove is aimed at a large gathering in either hotels or restaurants or perhaps a large garden party or celebration. The fire pit can be fueled with either lum wood charcoal or hardwoods such as olive or oak. The temperature of the fire needs to be controlled so that it is not able to damage the metalwork –  this is very normal when dealing with fabricated fire pits and stoves. With the centre section removed it can also act as a fire pit whilst still providing an ability to cook.

design | cut | build – Fire pits and stoves from Menorca, Spain

The timber surround is 20mm ‘Marine Grade Plywood‘ with many coats of exterior grade varnish making about to last many years just with some seasonal maintenance to its finish. All cooking surfaces are cold-rolled 6mm thick steel along with removable ash plates in the bottom section. The remainder is 3mm cold-rolled steel. The GRAND | Fire Pit Stove is supplied raw but heat resistant paint can be offered, but even the best heat resistant paint will peal during high temperatures found in fire pits.

Dimensions – 453mm high x 1270mm diameter and 77 Kilos

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