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Welcome to PlasmaWizard.EU and an amazing selection of Metal Signs. All our signs are designed and cut inhouse with the latest computer-controlled plasma cutting technology.

The metal sign designs start with a thought or an idea from a customer/client. This is then drawn/design in Inkscape. Inkscape is an open-source piece of software designed for producing SVG files or vectors. From here, the ideas and illustrations are shared with the client allowing for alterations or revisions. Sometimes the metal sign takes a completely new direction.

Design approval | Metal Signs

Once the design approval has been obtained, the sign’s design or artwork is transferred to SolidWorks a 3D modelling software. Some might think this is an unnecessary step, but the actual file gets checked plus I can fine-tune and add accurate mounting holes etc.  The file format for the metal sign from Inkscape to SolidWorks is DXF R14 – This gives perfect accuracy and what you see is what you get in effect.

Within SolidWorks, the Metal Sign can be extruded to the final thickness, and the actual material properties can be applied. Thus I know a very accurate weight before cutting allowing postage if required to be calculated well in advance. From here the sign is exported as a DXF R14 file once gain with any additional fixing or mounting holes added. The DXF file can now be imported into SheetCAM so that the G-Code can be generated. The G-Code is generated once the correct tool paths and parameters have been selected for the metal sign cutting process. The final stage is for the G-Code to be loaded into the Mach3 software. This is the actual software that will control the plasma cutting torch and product your lovely treasured metal sign.

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