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Are you looking for something commercial? Such as a number of brackets or plates for maybe a staircase, handrail or construction. We are able to help with the design, material selection and initial computer-based testing/analysis. All the way through to the CNC Plasma Cutting service. We are able to cope with designs sent to us in a variety of file formats from PNG, JPG, DXF-2D, STEP, SVG to SLDPRT for example. Often we only get the file or an example of a physical bracket or plate they wish to copy and this is just fine.

Using the very latest Hypertherm Plasma Cutter we are able to easily slice through steel up to 15mm or stainless steel INOX up to 10mm thick. Our table cutting capacity is 1200x1200mm which easily takes care of most of our plasma cuts. Looking for some examples of our work? Then check out our gallery here.

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From Design to Delivery | Commercial CNC Plasma Cutting Services, Spain

A typical design is drawn or modelled up using SolidWorks. Then the design is tested to the client’s requirements for stresses, strain and displacement or how much does it bend in simple terms. Once we are all happy the part can be exported out in a DXF format for importing into SheetCAM. SheetCAM then exports the design in what is known as G-Code. This is then loaded into Mach3 – The G-Code is what drives the CNC Plasma Cutting Table. We do not offer in-house any final press braking or bending but this can be outsourced.

Please let us know should have any requirements for such a service or just simply want existing parts or designs cut out, we will be happy to quote either way.

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