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DXF files are designed from the bottom for professionals or hobbyists to cut
on CNC Plasma cutting tables | Don’t just cut it #sendit


As part of our journey into DXF Files for Plasma Cutting, we have also been producing bespoke artwork, house signs, nameplates and fire pits. At the same time, we have shared some of our designs via DXF Files. Some of our work can be found here. These files have been produced, designed and of course, tested on our own Hypertherm power CNC plasma cutting table.

The process – Designs start off as just ideas which we then develop in software packages such as Inkscape. Inkscape is a free piece of software – Very important for us money-conscious folk. The software is excellent for producing not only vector designs but artwork through to DXF files for production. When using Inkscape which is almost identical to world-famous Adobe’s Illustrator or AI as it’s known, except for one very important factor? It’s free 🙂

Once we have the design or idea at a stage where we could turn it into DXF Files for plasma cutting on our table it is time to properly test it. This is done by importing or drawing/modelling it from scratch in either AutoDesk’s Fusion 360 or SolidWorks. Personally, I prefer Solidworks over Fusion as unless you have the full version of Fusion which requires a near-permanent Internet connection. Otherwise, you have reduced capabilities such as no DXF export for example. But with Solidworks no such issues.


DXF Files for Plasma Cutting

Once we are happy with the design and functionality in Solidworks. This includes not only weight and costs but also subjecting it to any loads or forces that are needed, so that design is fit for purpose prior to the final stage. The last part is the export to DXF and to our Plasma Table for cutting. All our designs are cut by us first even if we do not intend to sell a finished item. Once happy with the design it is time to export and package the files ready for online sales and distribution – DXF Files for Plasma Cutting with love by Plasma Wizard!