Welcome to your Plasma Cutting Services here in Menorca, Spain. Offering you high accuracy cutting of most conductive metals. Specialising in house signs and numbers plus a range of bespoke artworks.

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Welcome to Plasma Wizard, we are based in Menorca, Spain and offer not only local service but also mail order plasma cutting services. Our e-commerce shop will be set up to cater for deliveries to most parts of Europe. Deliveries charges will be calculated as you work your way through to the checkout area. Initially, we offer a wide range of house, office and business plasma cut signage in raw or patinated finishes. However, we also offer a cutting service for your own designs whether it be a one-off or many of the same such as brackets or fixing plates – Please contact us today and let us turn your ideas into memorable plasma cut designs and artwork.

Let’s get back to basics | Plasma Cutting Services, Menorca

Plasma cutting process involves creating an electrical channel of superheated, electrically ionized gas this comes from the plasma cutter itself. This travels through the workpiece to be cut. Forming a completed electric circuit back to the plasma cutter through a grounding or earth clamp. This is accomplished by a stream of compressed gas. Usually, normal compressed shop air but other gases could be used depending upon the material to be cut. Which is blown through a focused nozzle at high speed toward the workpiece.

Then an electrical arc is then formed within the gas, between an electrode or integrated into the gas nozzle. The electrical arc ionizes some of the gas, thereby creating an electrically conductive channel of plasma. As electricity from the cutter torch travels down this plasma it delivers sufficient heat to melt through the workpiece. At the same time, much of the high-velocity plasma and compressed gas blow the hot molten metal away cutting through the workpiece.

Plasma cutting is a very effective way of cutting thin and thick materials. Hand-held torches can usually cut up to 38mm thick steel plate and stronger computer-controlled torches such as the CNC Plasma Table we operate can cut steel up to 150mm thick given enough amperage. One of the major benefits of plasma cutters is producing a very hot and localized cone to cut with making them extremely useful for cutting sheet metal in curved, angled or intricate shapes.

CNC Plasma cutting services | Name plates | House signs | Spain
High accuracy cutting through most conductive metals | Your plasma cutting service here in Menorca, Spain

How’s the arc formed? | Plasma Signs & Artwork Delivered

The arc starts without contact with the workpiece in a three-step process. Firstly a high voltage spark briefly ionizes the air within the torch head – Cool. Making the air conductive and allows the pilot arc to form. The pilot arc forms within the torch head and at the same time current flow from the electrode to the nozzle, all inside the torch head. The pilot arc burns/eats up the nozzle, a consumable part $$, while in this phase only. The air then blows the plasma out the nozzle towards the workpiece, allowing a current path from the electrode to the work. When the plasma cutter’s brain senses current flowing from the electrode to the work, it stops the electrical connection to the nozzle. Current then flows from the electrode to the work. Then the arc forms outside the nozzle. Cutting can then proceed, without burning up the nozzle :-). Nozzle life is limited by the number of arc starts and not cutting time.

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Please provide us with as much detail as possible so we may best assist you in your plasma cutting design or artwork. Want to know more about our plasma cutting services here in Menorca, Spain or how you can customise one of our products to better suit your needs? Please take a look at our FAQ page.

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